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  •   Sizes:
  •   Finishes:
  •   Weight M3 :
  •   Stone form:
  •   Packaging:
  •   Transportation:
  •   Delivery Time:
  •   Compression resistance:
  •   Water absorption:
  •   Porosity:
  •   Detrition resistance:
  •   Frost resistance:
  •   Port:
  •   Min. Order
  •   Shockproof
  •   Ice resistant after
  •   Resistance to bending
  •   5x5x5 / 7x10x10 / 10x10x10 / 5x10x10 / 15x17 / 20x10x10 ...
  •   Split / Sawn / bush-hammered / Flamed / Granulated / Honed / Polished
  •   2620 kg
  •   Cut-to-Size
  •   Bulk / Wooden Crates / Big Bags
  •   Truck / Boat
  •   3-5 days
  •   153(MPa)
  •   0.2 %
  •   0.5 %
  •   0.3 mm
  •   over 48 freeze-thaw cycles
  •   Leixões
  •   24 Tons
  •   57 cm
  •   1470 kg / cm2
  •   10.5(MPa)

The Rosa Porrinho is a pink coloured granite with medium to gross grain and fairly uniform background. It presents quite large pink coloured areas with a considerable dimension, as well as some smaller areas with brown, white and black colours. In terms of hardness, this is a hard natural stone. Its variations depend on the thickness of the grain.

Rosa Porrino Granite is pinkish coloration due to feldspar that compose it. Their morphology is characterized as compact, uniform and irregular fracture. Goes well in rooms where the predominant shades included in the palette of salmon pink colored roses. Can be used in a multitude of spacious, airy and bright rooms, such as in hotels, business facilities or offices, and is also recommended for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Its most common finishes are polished, rough, honed, bush hammered, shot blasting, aged and flamed. It is available in different formats on wood and stone.

Cobbles Pink Stone Color


The Rosa Porrinho is one of the most important

pink coloured granites

in Portugal, with an very good cobble stone internal market . It presents an interesting market abroad, helped by its Spanish brother granite with the same name. It is extracted by few natural stones quarries with a considerable dimension in the north of Portugal. The Rosa Porrinho is commonly found on both interior and exterior applications, such as coverings, cobbled road, flooring with medium to high utilization, some decoration applications and exterior cladding and pathing. Due to its fame and international recognition, this granite stone color has taken several different names according to each supplier, market, project, etc. We present below some of these alternative names that identify the Spanish Rosa Porrino. Rosa Porrinho: the Portuguese name for the Rosa Porrino granite. There is a variation of the Rosa Porrino being extracted in Portugal granite suppliers. Porrino Pink: the English name for the Rosa Porrino granite, it is common to use this name on English speaking countries stoneworld . Spanish Pink granite: a generalist name to describe the Rosa Porrino granite. If we talk about Spanish pink granite, we normally refers to its main reference: the Rosa Porrino. Porrino granite: simply known as Porrino granite. Porrino is the town nearby where the Rosa Porrino granite natural stones quarries are located. The Rosa Porrino is a pink coloured stone granite, with medium to gross grain. In terms of hardness, the Rosa Porrino (as a granite) is a very hard natural stone. According to the analyzes of this type of pink stone this is a hard rock with quality to withstand any kind of weather conditions and erosion.

Granite Colors available

Granite Finishes available

Pink Stone Cobble Standard Sizes

TYPE H Height(mm) B Width(mm) L Length(mm) Examples
40x60 40-60 40-60 40-60 grey stone 4x6
5x5x5 40-60 40-60 40-60 grey stone 5x5x5
5x10x10 40-60 90-110 90-110 grey stone 5x10x10
7x9 70-90 90-110 90-110 grey stone 7x9
7x10x10 70-90 90-110 90-110 grey stone 7x10x10
7x14x20 70-90 130-150 190-210 grey stone 7x14x20
8x10 80-100 80-100 80-100 grey stone 8x10
8x11 80-110 80-110 80-110 grey stone 8x11
9x11 90-110 90-110 90-110 grey stone 9x11
10x10x10 90-110 90-110 90-110 grey stone 10x10x10
10x10x20 90-110 90-110 190-210 grey stone 10x10x20
10x12 100-120 100-120 100-120 grey stone 10x12
10x14x20 90-110 130-150 190-210 grey stone 10x14x20
10x15x20 90-110 140-160 190-210 grey stone 10x15x20
10x20x30 90-110 190-210 290-310 grey stone 10x20x30
11x13 110-130 110-130 110-130 grey stone 11x13
13x15x20 120-140 140-160 190-210 grey stone 13x15x20
14x14x20 130-150 130-150 190-210 grey stone 14x14x20
14x14x22 130-150 130-150 210-230 grey stone 14x14x22
14x16 130-150 130-150 150-170 grey stone 14x16
15x15x20 140-160 140-160 190-210 grey stone 15x15x20
15x17 150-170 150-170 150-170 grey stone 15x17
15x15x10 140-160 140-160 90-110 grey stone 15x15x10
16x16x20 150-170 150-170 190-210 grey stone 16x16x20
20x20x10 190-210 190-210 90-110 grey stone 15x17
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