Stone Floor Paving Instalation Services

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Paving Instalation

Follow this 3 steps to get your granite instalation

  • paving granite
  • next For the installation our team needs only basic information such as: location, total area and existence of box support in cement or sand.

    next The client measures the area where wants the instalation and if possible send us some photos of the construction site.

  • cal us paving
  • next Issues related to housing in the region will help us develop a more accurate budget.

    next Call us or email us with all the data needed. Our staff will take note of all the information given by the customer and shall draw up a budget within 48 hours.

  • instaling granite
  • next The granite will come to the place with color and finish requested.

    next A high skilled team will move to the area of construction and preform the work requested. The construction will be performed in accordance with the customer order.