Pink Porrrinho Stone House


Stone Works - Description

Pink Rose stone wall project. Granit cut in free measures with natural split finish. All stone house covered in granite in Penafiel city. Penafiel is the northern Portuguese district that attracts more tourists, both for its natural beauty as for its human heritage. Penafiel is a county of strong tourist vocation and calling. Their expressions of interest pervade many areas, such as, its heritage, its cuisine, its landscapes, its traditions, fairs and festivals, which are added to the tourist facilities built and under construction. Penafiel is a region of mountains, valleys and rivers, which can be appreciated from various points and places like the beautiful water levels resulting from Bayou Tâmega or rugged slopes of the Douro. Penafiel is also a county where the intense humanization realize that their territory was the target, over several millennia. Thus, they can be enjoyed several monuments that human art offered in the daylight, since prehistoric times immemorial.

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