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Portuguese granite setts extracted from our own stone quarries. Granite with the same quality as cobble stone but instead of having a square shape has a rectangular shape.

Granite Setts for paving


Setts are today one of the most searched products on stonemarket paving because enables produce more square meters with less transports. The stone floor texture can be cleft(most used) or flamed, sand-blasted, bush-hammered and others. Our pavers specialty in home paving feedback us that measures like 5x10x10cm is the most suitable to house entries because the surface is equal to 10x10x10cm and as it is not a places where trucks pass the thickness of 5cm withstands perfectly the weight. For building stone house in portugal this is a measure that has won its place in the market, the quality of portuguese granite allows us to sell this product with all the security that the customer will be satisfied. In the granite quarrying process this is a size that is split in a half from the size 10x10x10cm, if with 1 ton of 10x10x10 you produce 4.5 sqm with 5x10x10 you produce 9 sqm. Installing paving stones in your home will guarantee quality, strength and durability of the floor combined with a beautiful stone patio. Quarried stone is ice resistant and wear time. No other product in the market can compete with the resistance and prettiness of natural paving granite. Portugal granite each year that passes gain more market in the quality of granite stone and skilled labor. Factors such as stone by stone Portugal wins loyal customers and loyal communities.


  •   Stone Sizes:
  •   Stone Finishes:
  •   Stone Weight M3 :
  •   Stone form:
  •   Packaging:
  •   Transportation:
  •   Delivery Time:
  •   Compression resistance:
  •   Water absorption:
  •   Porosity:
  •   Detrition resistance:
  •   Frost resistance:
  •   Port:
  •   Min. Order
  •   Shockproof
  •   Ice resistant after
  •   Resistance to bending
  •   5x5x5 / 7x10x10 / 10x10x10 / 5x10x10 / 15x17 / 20x10x10 ...
  •   Split / Sawn / bush-hammered / Flamed / Granulated / Honed / Polished
  •   2660 kg
  •   Cut-to-Size
  •   Bulk / Wooden Crates / Big Bags
  •   Truck / Boat
  •   3-5 days
  •   2260 kg / cm2
  •   0.2 %
  •   0.5 %
  •   0.2 mm
  •   over 240 freeze-thaw cycles
  •   Leixões
  •   24 Tons
  •   65 cm
  •   2090 kg / cm2
  •   162 kg / cm2

Granite Colors available

Granite Finishes available

Gray Stone Setts Standard Sizes

TYPE H Height(mm) B Width(mm) L Length(mm) Examples
40x60 40-60 40-60 40-60 4x6
5x5x5 40-60 40-60 40-60 5x5x5
5x10x10 40-60 90-110 90-110 5x10x10
7x9 70-90 90-110 90-110 7x9
7x10x10 70-90 90-110 90-110 7x10x10
7x14x20 70-90 130-150 190-210 7x14x20
8x10 80-100 80-100 80-100 8x10
8x11 80-110 80-110 80-110 8x11
9x11 90-110 90-110 90-110 9x11
10x10x10 90-110 90-110 90-110 10x10x10
10x10x20 90-110 90-110 190-210 10x10x20
10x12 100-120 100-120 100-120 10x12
10x14x20 90-110 130-150 190-210 10x14x20
10x15x20 90-110 140-160 190-210 10x15x20
10x20x30 90-110 190-210 290-310 10x20x30
11x13 110-130 110-130 110-130 11x13
13x15x20 120-140 140-160 190-210 13x15x20
14x14x20 130-150 130-150 190-210 14x14x20
14x14x22 130-150 130-150 210-230 14x14x22
14x16 130-150 130-150 150-170 14x16
15x15x20 140-160 140-160 190-210 15x15x20
15x17 150-170 150-170 150-170 15x17
15x15x10 140-160 140-160 90-110 15x15x10
16x16x20 150-170 150-170 190-210 16x16x20
20x20x10 190-210 190-210 90-110 15x17

"Hello Mr. André thanks for everything from the granite setts recommendation till the delivery. We really loved the colouring of the stone setts. We love your service and hope to see you again someday. Best Regards JACK B."


"Hello:) I send this email just to thank you, everything went for the best. We love the finishing and texture of granite. Our idea of merging your range colours in the same path was genius. Best Regards Mary."


"Hello André, as requested here follows my feedback (one year later). For some time I was looking for a product that did not give me problems or at least did not make me do maintenance every year or even replacement, I wanted something to get done at once and not have any more problems. I tried to use modern products but no effect. Luckily I opted for the traditional, natural and well tested granite setts and just so I was able to solve my problem but maintaining a contemporary look. Thanks for everything Thomas."


"Hello Diana. As requested our feedback: after an exhaustive research on driveways I found your company, granite quarry and producer of granite setts. In this research I realized that the colors of granite depend on quarry to quarry and here so close to us is yours that offers better quality, price and delivery time. The containers arrived on the agreed day, unloaded both in the morning. The area to be paved was still large but with the teams that sent us they were able to do more than 50 meters a day and quickly did the work.Thanks for all Jacob H."


"Filipe, as requested: after seeing roads and path designed with your granite setts I think that I was idealizing in my head what I wanted and the idea of making the edges with a different and contrasting color was really brilliant. I loved the granite, the work, the service, the transportation and your constant monitoring from start to finish, always being available by phone or email. Margaret."


"Hello, I loved the cobbles, everything in the measure and fast delivery. The patio in setts paving was gorgeous. Our neighbor will contact you, I already gave him your email. Thank you and see you next time. Nicholas V."


"In the area we prepared all the settings and the worker just arrive and made the granite paving with no stops, really good people. The granite kerbs were easily installed in the edges (ideal measure by the way) and really looks like durable material. Thanks for the professionalism. LUKE M."


"Hello. I would like to thank you for your kindness and to congratulate you on your good work. The nature stone is really beautiful. LEWIS."


"Hello André as requested: next clients or prospective clients I would like to start by saying that it was a real pleasure to work with this company and with the employees that constitute it. We worked together on several public driveways projects and path with a lot of traffic and in all of them setts granite perform perfectly. With the help of Mr. André we have made the right choices acoording to the projects setts cobbles roads. In this way our name was registered as brand of quality in many cities of the UK and we count on many more for the next years. Natural stone setts are the best choise. Best Regards you friend Ethan."


"Good Morning Diana, thanks for everything. I liked your work very much, you have been very kind since I found your website. I was looking for reclaimed cobbles setts but I am not sorry at all for your suggestion. The cobbles size grey were on point and with an amazing look. Regards ZACHARY ."

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