Paving Stone Setts - 5x10x10 Measure

Paving Stone Setts

Granite setts extracted from our own stone quarries. Granite with the same quality as cubes cobblestone but instead of having a square shape has a rectangular shape. Here you can find the best pavestone products in stonemarket paving. Products specially transformed thinking about the paver: granite quality (without iron oxide), minimum tolerance in the cut setts T1 and T2 classes, economic transport, quick response to requests, competitive prices on stonemarket paving. Nowadays paving experts look for granite rock in setts shape during the construction of a house because as a rule it gives more meters per tonnage therefore less transports. Where you can use these setts in: cobble stone street, cobblestone patio, cobbled road, cobblestone driveway, stone park and stone patio.